Here's something I learned a long time ago:

When you like something, you tell others about it.

That's the first lesson of Ernie's Network - telling people about what Ernie likes. And just like you, there are a lot of things I like.

I learned something else: When I like something, chances are there a lot of other people who like it, too.

In an old book from 1893, I read about this principle in practice. I'll summarize it here:

"Be a benefactor. Be a blessing. Make this world happier. Make men and women better... The first step in the life of a benefactor is in finding out what people need... First, study yourself. What do you need? What do you want? There is no better criterion of the needs of the human race than your own. Are you cold? Then millions of men are cold. Are you afflicted with disease? The number is endless almost of those who feel the same pains. Do you enjoy any situation, or crave any luxury, or love any sport? Then wisely set that down as a general desire of the human family. Does any thing ease your pain or add to your joy? Then remember that there must be the same appreciation of that article on the part of others... There are great common demands for food, drink, shelter, ornamentation, love and self-defense, which occupy the attention of the whole of the race... Then there are special needs which are particularly felt by ou owing to some peculiarity in your trade, climate, profession nad culture. But you cannot be alone in the most specialized desire. The proper study of mankind is man.The best way to study the species is to notice carefully analytically your own actions and traits."

I could go on, but you get the point - in fewer words, "If I like it, chances are you would like it, too!"

So here I am, sharing my passions because they may also be your, as yet, undiscovered passions.

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